The Sales Of Android Phones Are Rising

There is a huge variety of Smartphones in the market with different operating systems competing with one another for a bigger market share. However, among all the OS contenders, the sales of Android phones are rising due to several reasons.

Let’s take a look at all the factors which have contributed to a greater popularity of Google’s Android operating system.

Immense Variety:

Users have so much variety to choose from when it comes to Android Smartphones. Different brands with varying sizes and levels of quality—all offer a huge range of options to potential buyers. Sony, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and Qmobile are all famous brands with a large number of different Android based Smartphones ranging from simple low-end gadgets to extremely luxurious phones.

Large Pool of Amazing Features:

When you take a look at the features of these phones, once again, you immediately come to realize that they have a large pool of options. The size of the display screen, the touchscreen technology, processing speed, the resolution of the camera, memory space, battery life and connectivity options vary greatly from one phone to another. Therefore, interested folks can easily choose according to their requirements and preferences.

Android OS vs. other Operating Systems:

On the other hand, when it comes to other operating systems, such as MS Windows and BlackBerry OS, the choice is limited. At the moment, only a few brands are manufacturing phones with Windows OS without much variety as far as the size, apps and other features are concerned. As a result, potential buyers end up opting for Android phones.

Wide Price Range:

Just like their features, the price range of Android phones also varies greatly. This means, unlike Apple, a larger audience is targeted by the manufacturers. Apple designs premium quality Smartphones with the Apple iOS installed, but the prices are way too high for average consumers. Their range of customers is, therefore, limited to those with a high purchasing power.

On the other hand, both the elite class as well as the average users can afford Android phones. Take Sony, for instance, the Xperia range has a phone for everyone. Folks demanding more luxury can go for Xperia Z while the average users can enjoy the mid-ranged Xperia P and L.

Therefore, all types of users with different budgets are attracted to Android based phones. This clearly shows why the market share for Android is increasing.

A bigger App Store:

Google’s Play Store offers a larger number of apps than any other app store. Moreover, most of these applications are available for free which makes them more attractive to users. Apple, on the other hand, charges for around 64% of the apps available in the Apple Store.

As far as Microsoft’s Windows is concerned, its pool of applications is lagging far behind both Android and Apple. Similarly, BlackBerry does not offer any such perk to the users.

Many apps being widely used today for free communication, such as WhatsApp and Viber, are Android based. Other operating systems often have compatibility issues with these world famous Apps. For instance, BlackBerry OS cannot support the voice chatting feature of Viber and is limited to text messages.

More Rapid Updates:

With Jelly Bean 4.3 already out, it is surprising to know how rapidly Andorid versions are being updated. In comparison, Microsoft Windows OS seems a little sluggish with no rapid updates after Windows 8. On the other hand, BlackBerry seems extremely unimpressive as it is still struggling with OS 10.

Bottom Line:

Although Apple OS is advancing just as fast as Android, but once again, the affordability issue makes its sales limited to a small group of consumer. All over the world, Android phones are being swept off the shelves faster than others. All the above mentioned reasons justify this immense increase in the operating system’s market share.