Windows Phone 8 : Microsoft Entered The Mobile Industry

Windows phone 8 has been announced by Microsoft; a phone with new multi-touche operating system and eye catchy interface. It is the second announcement from Microsoft Inc in the same week, first one was of surface Tablet and Windows Phone 8 is the second one. Company has not revealed anything about the releasing date or the price of the device. The major change is of its home screen and icons. The display resolution (1280×768 and 1280×720) of the phone is amazing and the icons are totally different than the previous version of Windows. The display is not as sharp as the display quality of Mac Book Pro or apple devices but good enough and opens the door to amazing high-definition 720p displays.

Customization is the special feature through which the icons can be resized and you can get totally changed view (new interface of your own choice). The windows phone 8 equipped with the latest internet explorer 10 for internet.

Operating system & Security

The operating system is the life blood of this phone that has Dual core chip, Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor to make this device extremely fast and worthwhile.

Safety layers for files and data are incorporated in the operating system like united firmware interface (UEFI) to protect your device from malware and another app is “sandboxing” for the security of important stuff.

Digital wallet

An awesome facility to make payment via your phone is the named as Digital Wallet. You can make payment to the nearest device and you can also use debit & credit cards for payments.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is the feature to connect with other devices like computers, tablets etc. It is wireless technology that allows or let you share data with other devices within short distance.

Integrated calling

Microsoft has introduced a unique feature in its new Windows phone 8. Internet calling is integrated with the traditional phone calls. Same answer button will be used for all calls.

Native code support

“Native code support” is another amazing feature of the phone that leads to the world of tremendous innovations. Built in native code support allow you to write app more quickly. Windows phone 8 also supports middleware such as Havok Vision Engine, Autodesk Scaleform, Audiokinetic Wwise, Firelight FMOD, and native DirectX-based game development.

Speed activation

Interesting feature of Windows phone is traffic alert that keeps you updated by the specific routs and also notify your authorized friends about the delay or time.

Apps & games

Windows phone has all games & apps those were found in the windows 7 and some new apps are there. It is claimed by the Microsoft Inc that Windows 8 supports more 100,000 apps and games available on internet. Some are location-based apps like exercise trackers that run in the background, so that they continue their work even when you’re doing other things on your phone. Optional Skype app is not integrated in operating system but available for this phone. The device is a great value addition to the category of Smartphone.