Google Nexus 7 Vs Apple iPad 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

The time has come for the iPod fun lovers to move a step forward to further advanced technology by paying same bucks as they were able to keep the iPods for such economical prices.

The fact behind producing this Google Nexus 7 is to facilitate the medium profiled folks with the features and applications of an iPad in a smaller screen.

Although, it wouldn’t beat the iPad 3 or Samsung Tab, still it is superior to these two in some of the aspects. As far as, this device’s competitors are concerned, Apple iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) are worth mentioning here.The latest operating system Android v4.1 (Jellybean) is the reason that brings it to the front of the line. The Google Nexus 7 is the only tablet in market which has been honored with the latest Android v4.1 operating system, making it the “crown wearing” among the crowd. Where Google Nexus 7 price in Pakistan delivers you a sensational tablet in 28,900PKR only, other tablets don’t go even close. Let’s check out the features and applications that make it superior of these two astonishing devices.

Having latest Android version is not the only specialty it has got but the powerful 1.3 GHz quad-core processor makes it famous as well in the market over its two competitors while they have the processing power of 1 GHz dual-core only. Under the category of front facing camera, it has a 1.2MP 720p camera whereas both of the rivals have a simple VGA camera. The price of this stunning gadget is about half of the Apple iPad 3 and that will give a tough time to Apple Company to compete with this Android Jellybean owner. You will also appreciate to know about the similarities these three machines share. The iPad 3 has more weight, display size, resolution, camera power and price than these two because it has wider body and screen of course and both of them have exact same weight which is 340 grams. The other common features and applications which are similar in these two are thickness, display size, memory, Ram and sensors.