Best Selling Samsung Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Looking for best Samsung phones in Pakistan is not that easy then you have to compare loads of designs and models. Samsung is operating at its best and it has achieved a significantly reputable status in Pakistan. It has launched many smart phones that fit the needs of almost every segment of the community. The focus of Samsung is to accomplish the needs and requirements of the customers and to provide most economical gadgets to them. But at the same time, it has to compete with its rivals and invest in strong advertising campaigns to fetch a considerable market share. Still, some of the Samsung devices have been huge hits and have outrun other phone makers.

So, which are the best Samsung phones in Pakistan in terms of condition, features and costs? Following mobiles may be the answer as their selling and reselling transactions indicate in mobile industry. A wide range of customers demand and appreciate these phones by due to their designs and specifications.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Some smart phones really deserve a desperate wait before their release and Samsung Galaxy S III is one of them. According to the statistics of Samsung, over 50 millions gadgets of Samsung Galaxy S and SII were sold by June 2012. So the next generation model was expected to be a rattling one and when it came, it realized the wildest dreams of smartphones lovers. Samsung SIII has given a good challenge to HTC One X and both are competing in markets very well. The Samsung I9300 Galaxy SIII has revealed that it predecessors were not a stop in the international zone and how much Samsung's goals are higher, and what Samsung can do to achieve those goals. The flagship of Galaxy SIII comes with all surprises as Quad-core processor indicates. It looks like that the company has worked on each and every aspects of a mobile phone to revitalize the user experience with Samsung Galaxy S II. It is not only a release, it is a challenge to the other conglomerates by Samsung and this time, the challenge has got tougher than previous ones.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Of the best Samsung phones in Pakistan, this one was the greatest turnarounds of all for Samsung. At its release, there was a tremendous increase in company’s revenue as this handset had broken the record of highly sold gadget within a week of release. But, in Pakistan, the fame of Samsung I9000 Galaxy S gradually increased because people of Pakistan usually adopt a trend rather than setting one. It is a unique and ravishing model. When people surf pages on the internet to sort out the most attractive and beautiful smart phone, they get the images of Galaxy S. On its Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, the user loves to interact and use it again and again as it is the best screen in business. The mobile phone is backed with most powerful processor to ensure that there would be no hazards of speeds and performance when user is engaged with it. The 5MP camera suits it. The Android operating system which runs lot of multimedia and entertaining apps and programs, a huge multimedia store and long lasting battery are the key points for its worth. Samsung I9000 is pointless of any drawback even when it comes to its price.

Samsung Ch@t 322

Regarding the QWERTY mobiles, a volume of words comes out to appreciate the efforts of Samsung. It introduced Ch@t series comprising of QWERTY mobile phones. Samsung Ch@t 322 is the only QWERTY device that has huge selling figures than other mobiles of this series in Pakistani markets. The key points for its selling stream include the beautiful design in various colors and a responsive keypad. The design looks similar to the Samsung ch@t 222 but the reasons for its higher demands is the economy factor. Both handsets contain smart specifications which make them a suitable package available in the national market. Perhaps, it would be wise to say that all QWERTY mobiles of Ch@t series are wonderful to use because all of them are made to perform like a pro. As mid-ranged population of Pakistan is very huge, they are purchasing these Ch@t series mobiles and using them with more passion.

Samsung S5230 Star

Samsung S5230 Star is the best mobile and there was a time when it came at the top position of largest selling mobiles of Samsung. With its launch, it came with extra specification of its previous model i.e. Samsung S5600. Samsung S5230 is a complete success story of the company as it is loaded with exceptional features. There is resistive touch screen capable of handwriting recognition, enough storage capacity with an external slot, 3.15MP camera with all necessary features and lots of other entertaining and multimedia features are the ingredients of Samsung S5230. And the company, on the other hand, has mixed them very well with strong advertisements and marketing strategies. Using this Star, one knows the real worth of this effort by Samsung.

Samsung E2230

Comparing the cost factor in best Samsung phones in Pakistan, simple and the low cost mobile phones always make way to customer pockets and Samsung knows this strategy quite well. Its efforts can be seen from Samsung E2230, which is an economical and most demanded handset since its release. The simple candy bar mobile phone provides you up to 14 hours of talk time which is the core reason for its higher sales in Pakistan and other regions of the world. It is best for typing and convenient to carry anywhere. It is similar to Nokia C1-01 in many aspects or we should say that it is a tough challenge to it.