Will iPhone 6 Give Better Market Share to Apple

Apple versus Google:

Although Apple still remains to be an esteemed brand, Android has steadily gained more popularity among users. The credit for Android’s large market share is partly due to the higher variety and options that the global buyers have. With a range of expensive top-notch smartphones to affordable average versions, Andorid has been selling more gadgets by serving a much larger audience than Apple.

Public Opinion of the Rivals:

However, Apple has a great opportunity to gain its market share back again. A survey carried out in the US has brought remarkable results favoring Apple. About ninety percent of users who currently possess iPhone showed eagerness to go for the next generation of the phenomenal smartphone. On the other hand, Android users were a little less enthusiastic about their operating system. Only seventy-six percent of the current Android users showed willingness to purchase the next innovation released by Google. This difference clearly indicates that a future Apple iPhone 6 is going to do the magic for the company for a better market share.

Tempting Innovations by Apple:

Apple has been able to maintain a multitude of loyal customers who look forward to new releases by the company. On the other hand, the survey mentioned above showed that almost a quarter of the unsatisfied Android users are keen to go for Apple iPhone the next time. This means Apple is a brand which keeps its current clients hooked up with it while alluring others as well to its state-of-the art technology, tempting innovations and bewitching handsets.

Apple’s Jeopardized Market Share:

Still, some of the most prodigious Android smartphones released in 2013 have jeopardized Apple’s market share to a great extent. Folks all over the world have been flaunting their Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One while more are looking forward to Sony’s new sensation, Xperia Z Ultra. In the midst of these wonders, Apple needs its own stunner to be released quite soon.

So far, Apple officials have not commented on a new release. However, it is expected that the world will see the exciting Apple iPhone 6 in 2014. If all the anxious users are surprised by the introduction of iPhone 6 this year, the gadget is definitely going to sell like hot cakes. It is one of the rare products which are anticipated even before the company itself shows any intention of its manufacture. When even iPhone 5 had not hit the markets yet, Apple fans had been frantically goggling for iPhone 6 specs and release dates.

Apple’s iPhone 5 had failed to meet the expectations of users who had been anticipating something much more stunning. Therefore, in order to improve its market share, the company needs to give iPhone 6 the best tweaks. Here are some of the most widespread rumors about this future wonder which many potential buyers are hoping for and looking forward to very eagerly:

  • Manufactures will be using both plastic as well as metallic material for the phone’s body to give it a premium look and a light weight at the same time. The special design will have a rather see-through plastic body to reveal the metal components inside. Therefore, the handset will be unique and extremely beautiful.
  • Unlike its predecessors, the new iPhone 6 will include the NFC feature. The phone will definitely be able to compete with rival Android smartphones which already offer this feature.
  • The new exciting operating system for iPhone 6 will be iOS 8 which is a little inspired from Android. The user interface will be a lot like the latter.
  • After Apple’s iPad housing 128 GB of memory, users are keeping their fingers crossed for a phone with a similarly large memory space.

If Apple fulfills these expectations, it is sure to increase the company’s market share in a very short period of time.