Why People are Preferring QMobile Noir Series

Nokia, Samsung, Apple, HTC and QMobile are the famous smartphone brands available in Pakistani mobile market where the last one is becoming the choice of all and sundry, particularly, the Noir series. There are a number of factors which have contributed to the immediate success of the handset, where on the top are: low price, great processing power, large screens, long lasting battery, and so on. Let us now discuss each of these briefly.

Low Price—A Strong Magnetic Force:

Could you ever imagine that, in the second decade of the 21st century, you would be offered a smartphone with dual core processing power and 4 inch large display in exchange for as low a price as 8,500 rupees? Noir A63 is the phone offering such an amazing package and this is what makes QMobile’s Noir series get more and more popularity among the masses. There is no denying the fact that the international brands are often equipped with high standard and more reliable specs, but the majority of the smartphone lovers in Pakistan are unable to afford them. Apple’s handsets are the costliest ones, while Samsung and HTC occupy the second highest tier with Nokia coming on the third place and QMobile being the least expensive one. This is what catches the attention of the potential buyers and pulls them all with a strong magnetic force.

High Specs Standards—Successful Rivalry:

The second convincing factor that makes QMobile Noir series sell like hot cakes is that of the high powered specs. It implies that the buyers, while accessing such a phone with extremely low price, will not have to make any compromise for the standard and value of their favorite features. Sometimes, QMobile takes a significant lead, thus leaving the rivals behind. For example, Noir Z6 version topples the scenario with its all amazing 1.7 GHz octa core processor, 5 inch Super AMOLED display and extremely thin 5.5 mm body—isn’t is really wonderful? Perusing the price tag, it reads little above 30,000 Pak rupees.

1 Year Warranty—The Thing You Cannot Dispense With:

The future working of an electronic device is often uncertain where, if not all, at least some are likely to go out of order due to some technical fault or other unknown causes. That is why the individuals, spending their hard-earned money on them, want security against such an unfortunate situation. For the satisfaction of the customers, the trusted brands of phones always give one year of warranty. QMobile is also in the row of such companies and is renowned for providing quicker and better services regarding the replacement of parts or claim of the gadget as a whole.

Great Variety—Choose the One You Like:

Variety of smart phones also plays a greater part in boosting up the sales and increasing the popularity of a particular brand or series. Here it is quite surprising to note that, in around a year, over four dozen models of the Noir series were launched. When the interested individuals visit the market, they see immense variety in QMobile’s all brands and series, so they don’t even need to look at the unreasonably expensive gadgets. They can choose a device of their own taste while remaining well within the budgetary limits. On the other hand, if there were only one or two or three member of the Noir family, it wouldn’t have been possible for the series to achieve such an amazing success.

Summing up, QMobile has received tremendous appreciation for it Noir series from the clients throughout the country. The dominant factor, in this regard, is that of the easy affordability without involving any compromise for the specs standards. Now, if the company wants to make progress with the present pace, it has to carry on the current strategy for manufacturing and marketing. Meanwhile, there is also need for brining further improvement in the quality and power of the features.