What to Expect from Samsung Galaxy S5?

SGS4 was the Korean company’s bestselling gadget in 2013. The manufacturers are now working hard to produce its successor: Samsung Galaxy S5. What can the eager users expect from this upcoming wonder? Will it come up to the standards of its revolutionary predecessor? Such questions can only be answered through the prevailing rumors about the phone since the company has not officially announced the specifications yet.

Let’s take a look at what Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to bring to the market.

Premium Metal Casing:

Although Samsung has introduced some really wonderful gadgets in the Galaxy family series, the polycarbonate body did not appeal to a large number of users. It is this plastic body due to which many buyers ended up preferring HTC One over SGS4 this year. However, the company has finally taken notice of the high demand for a premium casing and is now expected to release the new Smartphone with a strong metal body. Keen potential buyers await SGS5 with a high quality aluminum casing.

Although this news has not been officially confirmed by the company, SGS5 might be the first member of the Galaxy family with a premium metallic casing.

A 16 MP Camera

The manufacturers will not simply be passing on the features of SGS4 to its successor. The new phone will have its own unique features including the superb camera quality. It is expected to be a 16 MP camera along with flash, autofocus and image stabilization. The latter will ensure that moving objects are captured without making the pictures blurred.

Users can also expect a tweaked up version of the photo editing software. In addition, the camera is also rumored to have an ultrapixel sensor for the best possible clarity.

Laser Sensor:

One form of new technology expected in SGS5 is a laser sensor. It is expected to be located right next to the speaker at the front of the phone. The utility of this laser sensor is explained through connectivity to a laser keyboard. Users will be able to give text input through this exciting form of technology.

With SGS4, it was the air wave gesturing which awed the users. In the case of the new phone, it might be this laser sensor which will inculcate the same level of excitement among buyers.

SGS5’s Powerful Processor:

SGS5 was rumored to be up against iPhone 5S in competition as far as the processing power was concerned. This led to the assumption that the phone would house a 64-bit processor chip. However, this piece of information has now been replaced with a new rumor that SGS5 would actually possess a 16 core Exynos 6 chipset. This would, undoubtedly, make the smartphone extremely powerful with fast functions.

Some Tidbits:

Here are some tidbits about the phone. These might be small pieces of information, but they still contribute towards the excitement surrounding the premium device. Firstly, it will be a handsome headset with a large display screen of around 5 inches. The resolution is expected to be no less than 1080P.

The in-built memory of the phone might range from 12 GB to 64 GB according to the model. At the same time, there will be 4GB of RAM.

One of the most exciting features of the phone will be Android’s brand new version: 5 Key Lime Pie. It sounds great as the phone of the future must be equipped with the latest operating system.

As the world waits for this marvel to be released, official news will soon start to fill up the tech world. One thing is confirmed, that is, SGS5 is going to be a high-end Smartphone with a combination of the most premium hardware and top-notch software just like its wonderful ancestor. The new phone will, therefore, certainly come up to the standards and is expected to be one of the most preferred gadgets of 2014.