Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Apple iPhone 5S - Who will Win the Battle?

An Overview:

Samsung and Apple have been bitter rivals in the cell phone industry, where each has been excelling the other in certain aspects of their products. However, Apple stood the winner of this intense technological race owing to the ever new innovations and exceptional standards of their smart devices. The latest wonder by Apple is the successful launch of Apple iPhone 5S which contains a brand new A7 processor. Samsung, on the other hand, is planning to incorporate the same advanced technology in its new Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5. Let’s evaluate the comparative potential of the new launches by these dominating giants of the global mobile handsets manufacturing industry. Here follows a critical discussion over “Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5S”:

Display Size (4” vs. >5”):

Concerning the display screen size, Samsung is going to defeat Apple as the latter has provided only 4 inch screen in 5S, while the former is supposed to give you much larger display in S5—greater than 5 inch. So, if you buy Samsung Galaxy S5, you will be having a more pleasurable experience of watching videos, viewing HD images and playing games.

Predecessor Versions:

The predecessor of 5S is iPhone 5 which set the precedent in the form of an amazing amount of technology in a remarkably light and thin design. Following the earlier tradition, in the new gadget, most of the specs are almost the same. For example, each supports an LED-backlit IPS LCD multitouch screen, 4 inch display screen, 64 GB internal storage, and both measure just 112 gram in weight. On the other hand, the Galaxy 4S version had a larger 5 inch display, 64 GB internal and an equal amount of external storage, and measured 130 gram in weight. So, Samsung’s S4 defeated the Apple’s S model in many respects, such as memory, display, camera, and so on. That is why, it can be predicted that the same advantageous features will be provided in the Samsung’s upcoming gadget.

Camera Comparison (8 MP vs. 16 MP):

There had been rumors floating around that the Galaxy 5S would be featuring an extremely efficient 16 MP camera. The same has come true now. Along with the optical image stabilization, it will also ensure enhanced low-light performance. iPhone 5S, on the other hand, supports only 8 megapixel camera, which falls short of the expectations of the Apple lovers round the globe. Such a disappointment is sure to divert the attention of the potential buyers from Apple to Samsung. However, the iSight camera in the former has been made even more impressive to give you brilliant video and image results.

Processing Specs:

No doubt, iPhone S5 has been accomplished with an advanced processing architecture; you will find an equally competent technology in Galaxy S5 as well. So far as A7 processor in the former is concerned, the latter substitutes it with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which will feature 4 cores with Heterogeneous Multi-Processing capabilities. So, you can have a much better experience with the amazingly powerful architecture and ultra fast processing speed of the new Galaxy Smartphone.

Memory (64 GB vs. 128 GB):

Another great and appealing advantage of the Galaxy S5 is the over two times greater storage capacity (128 GB) as compared to that of Apple, which is just 64 GB. It is because the latter has no port for the support of an additional micro-SD card. The former gadget comes with 32 GB internal memory, where you can add additional 128 GB by utilizing the option of micro-SD card slot.

Bottom Line:

The major differences have been discussed above, and the final judgment regarding the overall supremacy of one over the other rests with you. As the Apple’s phone has already been released, you can easily find out Apple iPhone 5S price in Pakistan. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S5 price in Pakistan can also be found out from the local dealer.