Huawei Mobile Phones are Gaining Strength in the Mobile Market

Pondering On Huawei Past & Present:

For the proper understanding of “Why Huawei Mobile Phones are gaining strength in the mobile market”, you need to have a look at the background and success history of the tech firm. After overtaking Ericsson in 2012, Huawei Technologies has become the largest telecommunication equipment maker in the world. Founded in 1987, this multinational company is based in China and serves in the fields of networking and telecommunication equipment and services. Currently serving 45 of the world’s 50 largest telecom operators, Huawei has also been deployed its products and services in over 140 countries of the world. Now you would be able to easily predict why Huawei handsets are getting so much popularity. It is, particularly, because of the following convincing factors:

Wide Range & Variety of Handsets:

All the people do not share the same financial background and fall into different economic strata of the society. So, just one version of something won’t cater to the diverse tastes and appeals of the public at large. Only those mobile and smartphone manufactures would survive and rather make progress by leaps and bounds which offer great variety in their products. Turning to Huawei, it is the wide range and variety of mobile phones that is assisting the company in gaining strength in the market. As you look on the Huawei mobile phone store, you will find handsets ranging in screen size from as little as 1.4 inches to as big as over 5.5 inches. Likewise, there occurs corresponding increase or decrease in the price.

Economy—Strongly Pulling Potential Buyers:

With the majority of the masses passing through severe financial constraints, the economical price tag on a high end gadget attracts the attention of all and sundry. As people compare Huawei Ascend G7 with Apple’s iPhone 6, they would definitely go for the former owing to its extreme level of economy. The latter, on the other hand, is unreasonably high priced despite the fact that both bring you almost the same level of specs standards. It is also to be noted that the display size in iPhone 6 is considerably reduced (4.7 inch) as seen against the larger 5.5” screen of G7. Such factors serve as a magnet, thus strongly pulling the potential buyers in favor of Huawei handsets.

Catchy Design and Powerful Specs:

For a modern user, both the outward look and inside potential are a matter of great concern. An individual, who is going to make a lot of investment, will not be compromising for any such deficiency. To meet the very expectations of the global fans, Huawei is manufacturing devices with features par excellent. For example, just look at the Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition that, in its super slimness, leaves all the rivals behind. Carrying a gadget with amazing 5 inch display and a body thickness of not more than 6.5 inches is definitely a source of immense pleasure, style and confidence for the people. As contrasted against 172 gram heavy iPhone 6, the P7 Sapphire Edition is extremely lightweight, i.e. just 124g! The latter, once again, takes lead in terms of the processing power which comprises a quad-core processor, running at the speed of 1.8 GHz. In its Apple counterpart, you will find only a dual core 1.4 GHz CPU. It means Huawei not only successfully competes with its staunch rivals but also often excels in certain respects, thus involving greater appeal for customers visiting the mobile market.

End Note:

From the above discussion, it can be seen that this Chinese tech giant is gradually making progressing. It is also to be realized that the company has already won a space in hearts of the smartphone lovers. Despite being powered with all the outstanding technological accomplishments, the level of economy is just awesome! So, now it is easy for you to get an ultra slim and supremely powered smartphone in exchange for very low price. For the justification of this argument, you can go for the comparison and contrast of the Huawei’s smartphones with Apple’s post modern gadgets. At the same time, one can make the prediction that day by day growing popularity of Huawei mobile phones would, one day, make the brand dominant over all others.