Hottest Mobile Series by Qmobile

QMobile is a renowned mobile company in Pakistan which has managed to establish its repute in the country over a period of just half a decade. The company manufactures affordable mobile phones as well as tablets incorporating the most updated form of technology in these gadgets.

The QMobile smart phone family consists of quite a large number of members. The entire collection is divided into categories which are: smart phones, bar phones, touch screen phones and QWERTY. Noir Z series is the best mobile series created by QMobile so far. It consists of latest smart phones which bring the most desirable features with very affordable price tags.

Have a look at the description of some of the hottest smart phones in this series.

Noir Z3

Noir Z3 by Qmobile was introduced with a great deal of excitement regarding its topnotch features. The phone brings HD Display with a large 4.8 inches touch screen. Super AMOLED technology ensures perfect visibility in sunlight. The phone’s fast processor runs at 1.5 GHZ of frequency. Although the gadget consists of only a single SIM slot, it houses two cameras both of which consist of an amazing resolution. The shooter at the front is 5 MP while the one at the back is 8 MP. Noir Z3 is, therefore, a perfect combination of excellent features with an affordable cost of Rs. 23,500.

Noir Z4

Z4 is the immediate successor of Noir Z3. The new model consists of several modifications to offer a better gadget to potential buyers. For instance, the display size is 0.2 inches larger, the camera possesses a better resolution and the battery power has been slightly increased. The primary cam resolution has jumped from 8 MP to 13 MP. Similarly, the memory space has expanded considerably from 16 GB to a whooping 32 GB. The OS version is the same – 4.2 Jelly Bean. Overall, the gadget offers an improved performance than its ancestor.

Noir Z4 Mini

Since many mobile users prefer small handsets, Noir Z4 Mini was created by the company to fulfill this demand. Being the successor to Noir Z4 and Z3, it possesses qualities of both. The display size of the phone is 4.5 inches. However, Z4 Mini is by no means weaker in performance as compared to its ancestors. It contains the same Quad Core processor running at the speed of 1.5 GHz. The primary camera and memory space are the same as Z3: 8 MP and 16 GB, respectively. Its battery power, on the other hand, is better than that of both of the predecessors – 3000 mAh.

Noir Z5

Noir Z5 is the largest among all of its above mentioned ancestors. Many ravishing improvements have been incorporated in this new version by the manufacturers. The display size goes up to an impressive 5.5 inches. Similarly, the improved camera resolution is a whole 16 megapixels. The best feature, however, is the gadget’s processing speed. With 2.3 GHz, the Quad Core processor, Noir Z5 performs extremely well.

Noir Z6

Last but not the least is the latest addition to the Noir Z smart phone series – Z6. The new model is, in fact, the highlight of year since it has been introduced as the slimmest smart phone of the world beaten only recently by Oppo R5. Noir Z6 houses a 5.0 inches display with Super AMOLED technology. In addition, with 1.7 GHZ Octa Core processor, the performance of the phone is extremely admirable. It costs Rs. 27,900 which makes it more affordable than its predecessor.

The Bottom Line

The Noir Z series consists of impressive smart phones all of which possess admirable processors, attractive display, powerful battery packs, cameras with amazing resolution and memory space which is more than sufficient. The country is now waiting for the next addition to the series which is expected to be even better than Noir Z6.