Galaxy Note 7 Overheating Threat – Further Production Suspended

Samsung has suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7 just two months after the gadget made its glamorous debut. Note 7 appeared in the market with a high appeal in August 2016. The high-end features of the smartphone made a buzz in the tech world before serious issues began to surface.

Several reports about battery overheating have been making the South Korean giant concerned about the sales of its new gadget. However, the final nail in the package was when the biggest carriers of USA and Australia declared on Sunday, 9th October 2016 that they would no longer be providing replacement devices for Galaxy Note 7. In addition, they have also suspended further sales of the model. These measures have been taken in view of the most recent incident involving the emergency evacuation of a US passenger plane owing to the emission of smoke from a Note 7 device.

Although Samsung has not provided any detailed comments on the halt of Note 7 production yet, it says the step has been taken to examine the issue and come up with possible solutions. In the meanwhile, the chairman of Reputation Management Consultant – Eric Schiffer – shares his views that letting the current production line of Note 7 would be an act of self-destruction for the South Korean brand.

The company admitted last month that the gadget carried a manufacturing defect leading to overheating and the subsequent heat damage. The underlying cause was identified to exist in the phone’s battery where the negative and positive electrodes came into contact to cause overheating. However, despite the identification of the cause, Samsung failed to resolve the issue in the replacement devices as proved by the current heat damage reports.

As the manufacturers examine the reports, USA’s T-mobile and AT&T have decided to suspend further sales of the device. They have declared that consumers can opt for another model in as a replacement of Note 7 instead.