Apple iPhone and Pakistani Market

Apple’s iPhone is, undoubtedly, considered to be one of the best smart phones available in the Pakistani mobile market. But, unfortunately, it can be seen only in the hands of celebrities and the rich aristocrats as the ordinary middle and lower class people cannot afford it due to its unreasonably high price. Even more disappointing thing for those who want to buy Apply iPhone is that the majority of the apps developed by Apple team are not offered free of cost, and to use them, one has to buy them as well. Fortunately, a number of potential competitors have emerged, progressed and earned a lot of reputation in providing superior qualities and comparatively low priced iPhone alternatives, such as Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, and so on. Another great surprise is that the majority of the useful applications in the apps store of Apple’s competitors are offered to the consumers without charging them a penny for it.

Now, let’s look at the background reasons that make Apple’s iPhone one of the most expensive Smartphone brands in Pakistani market. The first thing is that the manufacturers of this device have developed is their own unique operating system, iOS which is found in no other such device. Along with certain advantages, the iOS does have a number of disadvantages as well. Among its advantages, the most appealing ones include the extra power, extreme efficiency, supreme graphics, superior performance, protection against viruses, and so on. Some of the obvious disadvantages include the difficulty in usage of iOS and its inability to be installed on any device other than iPhone itself. Here it is also important to keep in mind that you cannot install any apps on iOS other than that of Apple’s own.

With the first generation appearing in the year 2007, Apple has successfully developed and marketed seven generations of iPhones. The latest 7th generation gadgets are Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C which were released by September 2013. The first generation phones were based on GSM while, in the 7th, you can see all versions of the 4G LTE networking technology. Till now seven versions of the iOS have been produced by the company, ranging from iOS to iOS 7. In the same way, there emerged seven updates of the Chipset, the most recent among these being the 64-bit A7 processor.

If you compare one of the latest Smartphones from Apple (say Apple iPhone 5c) with its competitor from Galaxy (say Samsung Galaxy S4), you will be shocked while analyzing the prices and specs of each of these. Many hard secrets will be revealed to you, on the basis of which you may not be able to justify the extraordinarily high price of iPhone in Pakistan. Both Apple iPhone 5c as well as Samsung Galaxy S4 have almost same price in Pakistan, where the former has 4 inch screen and the latter brings you larger 5 inch display. The former has 32 GB internal memory, while in the latter the internal storage has been doubled, that is, 64 GB. The 5c does not support a microSD card to supplement the 32 GB internal memory. The 4s, on the other hand, has a slot to support a 64 GB microSD card. It simply means, by spending the same amount of money, you can get 4 times more data storage space. In case of the former, RAM (Random Access Memory) is just 1 GB, while the latter has 2 GB RAM. The values of camera and pixel density in 5c are about 8 MP (megapixel) and 326 ppi, respectively. The 4s, on the other hand, is furnished with a super high quality 13 MP camera and brings you an ultra-clear, HD display having 441 ppi of pixel density.

Despite all these comparatively low standard specifications and unreasonably high price, as compared with their competitors, the iPhones have got more popularity and demand. They are still regarded as the top selling phones of any kind in some countries including Japan and the United States of America. Owing to resounding sales of the iPhone, Apple achieved the distinction of being one of the world’s most valuable publicly traded companies in 2011-2012. The first reason for such prominence of the company is that every new release of the iPhone brings with it some innovative and startling features that were absent in the previous versions. Secondly, almost all the generations of this Smartphone exhibit extreme beauty and charming appearance. Thirdly, every single generation is developed with certain modifications in the body design.

To sum up, the Apple iPhones do have very high price factor in the Pakistani market, but all of them are appreciated by the mobile fanatics because of their innovative style, attractive design, decent look, durability and exceptional performance.