Interesting and Amazing Facts about Cell Phones

Mobile telephones have become an integral part of the life of almost all the individuals in the present day world. It has become one of the most indispensible possessions, as you can do without many other important things but not without a handset. At the same time, it must also be very important for you to know the amazing facts about mobile phones. The information about cellular gadgets given below will not only make a significant contribution to your existing knowledge, but will also serve as a source of a pleasurable reading activity to kill your leisure time:

  • While in operation, almost all kinds of mobile phone emit electromagnetic radiations that have frequencies falling in the microwave range.
  • Isn’t it scary that the radiations from your cell phones can travel the distance of up to 20 feet, thus affecting not only you but also your family and friends?
  • When you talk on a phone, your voice is transmitted from the antenna of the handset in the form of Radio Frequency Radiations, measuring in frequency between 900 MHz and 2,800 MHz. If you are exposed to this microwave RFR, there is very possibility of encountering serious health problems.
  • Surprisingly, up to 60 percent of the radiation from a typical mobile phone is usually absorbed by the user’s head, and it is enough to cause heating!
  • Cell phone radiation is real and dangerous, and it has been linked to DNA damage as well as brain tumors!
  • Though the handset manufacturers have technology to decrease the quantity of radiation that would escape into the user’s head, but they are not willing to take such an initiative. It is because, in doing so, they will not only have to suffer from economic loss, but also it would be considered acknowledgement of the potential risk of their products.
  • With the excessive use of cell phones, the risk of cancerous brain tumors gets higher by 2.5 times!
  • It has been revealed that both cell phones and cordless phones emit radiations that pose similar danger on the body tissues.
  • The microwave range of frequencies of the RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) has been found to promote the growth of cells. Italian scientists have discovered that such hazardous radiations contribute to the aggressive growth of malignant (cancerous) cells.
  • During the Cold War era, the US Embassy in Moscow was irradiated by the Soviets with low level, twin beam microwave radiation. Two of the ambassadors were found to have developed leukemia. The other staffers either developed cancer or the DNA of their blood cells was damaged.
  • Dr. Henry Lai—a professor at the University of Washington—claims that even tiny doses of radio frequency can cumulate over time and, consequently, lead to harmful effects. That is why he warns that the public exposure to radiation from wireless transmitter should be limited to minimal.
  • Motorola manufacturers advise the consumers that while using the handset, they should avoid antenna pointing to the exposed parts of their body. But it has been discovered that there can be leakage of the huge amount of radiation from the mouthpiece as well as keypad of a handset.
  • The radiations coming from the antenna, mouthpiece and keypad of a cell phone penetrate deeper into the brain, ear and eye-tissues. Here it is worth mentioning that these organs are especially susceptible to the microwave damage.
  • When the users keep the handset fastened in the belt clip and use a wired, hands-free earpiece to make calls, the radiations will be delivered to their kidney and the liver areas, thus causing potential damages therein.

It is hoped that the above given interesting facts about cell phones would have added a great deal to your knowledge about the hidden aspects of mobile and wireless telephone technology. After reading the post, you must be in a better position to understand the interaction and impacts of the microwave RFR on various less or more susceptible organs of your body. In light of the facts disclosed in this article, it becomes obvious that the health-conscious individuals will take appropriate measures to save themselves from such dangerous radiations which are injurious to health. Wishing you the best of luck for a healthy lifestyle while harvesting the fruit of the wondrous post-modern technology!