3G or 4G Technology Imapacts in Pakistan

After years of delay, Pakistan has finally been listed among the beneficiaries of the 3G and 4G spectrum of the latest telecommunication technology. Now as the licenses for the 3rd Generation and 4th Generation have successfully been sold to the potential investors, there arises a need for considering the possible negative and positive impact of this initiative on the national economy and overall wellbeing of Pakistani citizens. Everything in the world has its own good and bad aspects, which may be either equal in magnitude, or one of them may exceed the other. Taking into account the 3G/4G impacts in Pakistan, there are far more benefits of the technology than its possible harms. Let us now have a closer look at both of these aspects one by one.

3G/4G Positive Impacts in Pakistan:

As obvious from the huge potential and immense global demand of the 3G & 4G, one must be confident enough to claim that the launch of twin mobile telecommunication technologies is going to leave a wide range of long lasting impacts in Pakistan. It is very promising, especially on the social and economic grounds. However, the most significant advantages are being summarized as under:

Entering the Stream of Technologically Advanced Countries:

It is a piece of great honor for a country like Pakistan that she has ultimately entered the stream of the technologically most advanced countries of the world. Before this daring initiative on the part of the present-day political government, Pakistan was the only major country in the region that was lagging far behind in this race.

Economic Gains:

It is especially worth noticing that the successful auction of the licenses for the twin technologies has served as a conspicuous boost to the steadily progressing economy. The economists are anticipating huge monetary gains for the overall betterment of the dwindling economic scenario of the country. With the enforcement of additional taxes, a huge amount of revenue will be earned which, in turn, will be used for launching and running mega projects for the general welfare of the citizens of Pakistan.

Social Gains:

The social advantage of the newly introduced twin technologies lies in the fact that people will be enjoying unimaginably high speeds for developing an instant connection with their loved ones and acquaintances. The fleeting rates of data transfer will save the users a lot of their precious time, which they would be utilizing for other productive activities. Moreover, the ever new technological innovations, like that of the present one, also serve as an important source of pleasure and entertainment, while catering to the versatile needs of all and sundry.

New Vistas of Employment:

Unemployment is one of the most serious issues, and it has already put the internal peace of the state at stake by giving rise to many heinous social evils. For the successful operation of the newly launched services, the companies will be in the want of a considerable amount of human workforce, thus providing job opportunities for tens of thousands of individuals who are suffering from the panic of unemployment. In this way, happiness will be brought the educated, but still suffering, households.

3G/4G Negative Impacts in Pakistan:

Among the disadvantages, there include an increased economic burden on the ordinary individuals who will have to manage the new expenditures while remaining confined to the already narrow budgetary limits. One can say that those, who cannot afford, should not go for this facility. But this is not a valid point because everyone has to keep in pace with the world around them, or else they will be left far behind others in terms of progress. Another, rather painful, aspect of the 3G and 3G spectrum is that its usage will lead to the exposure of the users’ body to harmful microwave radiations. These radiations not only cause various physical and mental diseases, but also induce genetic issues, thus adversely affecting the coming generation as well.