Why QMobile Is Getting Market Share More Rapidly?

In Pakistan, a cell phone manufacturer like QMobile not only managed to survive, but also has successfully gained a huge market share in the midst of big guns like Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Most individuals now prefer economical handsets over other brands. The reasons why QMobile is getting market share more rapidly are discussed below.

Easy on your Pocket:

The first and most obvious reason for the rapid success of QMobile is affordability. All cell phones offered by the company cost a way less than their counterparts by other companies. Whether it is a simple handset or a luxurious smartphone, the price for the entire range is within the reach of the masses. Starting from as low as Rs. 1,950 for QMobile E125 and E785, the most expensive smartphone—Noir A11—costs only Rs. 17,000.

In Pakistan, the purchasing power of an average man is quite weak. Therefore, these low costing cell phones attract a lot of individuals.

Amazing Smartphone:

It is undoubtedly an age of smartphones. Those who do not own one yet, definitely, have it on their wish list. However, there is a large group of individuals, including students, who cannot afford such a luxury. QMobile has made it possible for such people to get possession of a premium smartphone without having to pay through the nose for it. QMobile Noir A11 is the most amazing smart cell phone offered by the company with high class features. It costs only Rs. 17,000 which is a very reasonable price as compared to other brands with the same features. It is really surprising that such a wonderful gadget with a whole 5 inches of display screen, an 8 MP camera, a dual-core processor and Android ICS is available at such an economical cost.

There is another smart handset with an even more economical cost by QMobile: Noir A3 available at only Rs. 8,800. It is no wonder why people are flocking around it as they do not want to miss the chance of availing all the benefits of a smartphone at a cost which fits their budget perfectly.

No Compromise on the Features:

Although the cost of all QMobile cell phones is low, there is no compromise on the features. It is another huge factor contributing to the increasing market share of the company. No wonder people prefer this brand over other companies as it is offering much more than the other brands.

For instance, E750 is an amazing cell phone which comes fully packed with attractive features at only Rs. 4,550. It offers a big 2.6 inches display screen, a great smart camera and a huge memory space of 8GB. Similarly, E788 is another extremely low cost cell phone which gives you the luxuries of a camera, Mp3 player, radio as well as dual SIM.

In fact, almost all cell phones by the company come with attractive features. Some offer the dual-SIM features while some have extremely long battery life. These are the features that attract a large audience.

Successful Advertisement:

QMobile has been running very successful advertisement campaigns in order to make people aware of the superior features and the low cost of their gadgets. Moreover, the company has been hiring popular celebrities as their brand ambassadors. A few years ago, the famous model Iman Ali was hired to advertise QMobile as her “style statement”. Today, the wildly famous actor Fawad Khan is advertising Noir to attract the millions of fans who idolize him.

Bottom Line:

This is a very successful move by QMobile as hiring these famous celebrities has turned this brand into a status symbol for many individuals. This means that apart from targeting the low-salaried middle class, the company has also managed to attract the well-off class as its potential audience.