Why cheap cell phones are still popular in 2013?

The entire planet is under an innovative turn in each and every tiny proportion of time. In today’s age, there are a great deal of innovative modes of communications which have made our lives simpler and easier. Mobile phone technology is also rapidly emerging in the field of telecommunication and at present, a phone is not just a basic medium of communication but it is a lot more in itself. Every cellular phone market offers a huge variety of cellular products to consumers like newest phones, touch-screen phones, advance technology widget, cutting-edge smart phone gadgets and every phone is designed specifically for the usage of a determined group of people.

Globally, low-income families feel hard to afford expensive cellular-phones so the phone making companies have to come up with different options for such people as well. for this reason, every manufacturer comes up with a budget phone while it makes super smart phones. Generally, people and especially the wealthy class think that low-priced cellular phones are not up to their taste as compared to the expensive cellular phones. They believe that it is a marketing tactic of companies to sell older and revamped products at standard prices but it is not true at all. Consumers can now easily purchase contemporary gadgets with advance technology like touch screen, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, high resolution camera, 3D video games, music player and office tools at very low costs.

Presently, cell-phones made in China are widely used nearly in the whole world, especially they are extensively used in the countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Honk Kong and Sri Lanka etc. In Pakistan, the low cost cell phones are popular and the main reasons behind this:

  • In the present inflationary circumstances, it is very much difficult for the people to manage their budget. These low cost cell-phones help them out to manage their budget and also provide them features of lofty cost cell-phones in term of network, communication and entertainment.
  • In western countries companies in order to keep up a correspondence with their employees they provide them facility to get smart phones on installments bases that help them to manage their income/salary, unfortunately lack availability of this facility is found in Pakistan. So, the employees of Pakistani companies procure low cost cell in order to go hand in hand to not only manage their salary but also fulfill their mobile inevitability.
  • Illiteracy rate is also one of the major factors behind that because more than 40% of Pakistani population is illiterate and they are unaware about the use of new technologies and features like cloud computing, 3-G, Wi-Fi and so on. Buying expensive smartphones even if they can afford it is of not much use to them.
  • Unstable economic conditions and street crimes (i.e. mobile snatching activities) are the leading issues that force Pakistani people to purchase low cost cell phones.

In a nutshell, the low-cost cell phones are popular because these mobile phones are not only providing bundle of huge and modern technological services just at half price plus it also come up with the problems of Pakistani people as mention above.