When Samsung Galaxy S III got Jellied, it just got better!

For those who thought that Samsung SIII was not the phone of the future, think again. With Apple iPhone 5 coming in with LTE 4G communication technologies, there was no way Samsung was going to sit back. Just a week after when iPhone 5 was officially announced all over the world, Samsung comes back with a revised model of Samsung S III, which not only supports 4G communication but also has the latest android operating system, the JellyBean. Apart from this, everything else remains the same in both of the phones, in terms of hardware.

By same, it does not mean exactly all the same. Of course, when you have a new and revved up operating system, you can expect a lot more than just changes in it. This time, the changes are including the new and improved user interface giving a more powerful user experience, improved application processing and a couple of new features that the previous version of the phone lacked.

From the surface, the phone looks the same, the dimensions, the weight and screen size are the same as the previous model. The screen is still gorgeous at 4.8 inches with all its coatings and protections. Some vivid aspects in the phone are also the same like the processor, storage space, connectivity features and features like natural language supports, cloud storage and standard Google applications.

Apart from the user interface, the responsiveness and the application is much improved. Another set of major difference that the users of Jellybean SIII users will definitely feel includes the icons, the time and the working area, which is also more spacious and more useable. Not only this, usually it is not that easy to get the hang of home screens when you have more than 2 or 3. However, this new operating system in Samsung Galaxy SIII makes it very easy to switch between scroll around and use them.

The new phone from Samsung gives reliable application processing, using widgets and other features, but you will love the way internet and the camera works on this phone. It seems quite odd, how the same lens work differently on two different operating systems. Well, not only they do but also the results are noticeably different. The images from this phone are better, brighter, livelier and more colorful than ever. Even the sharpness of the images is much improved than the previous version making the Samsung SIII with Jellybean a better choice than the previous model.

The final word, there is no doubt that Android Jellybean makes Samsung SIII even better. Everything is better optimized for improved performance, smoother and lifelike. When they say it is made for humans, it really is.