What Nokia Missed Out in the Asha Series

For all those who want a smartphone like phone within a budget, the entire range of the Nokia Asha series is nothing alien to them. Having a range of candy bar, QWERTY and all-touch screen mobiles, all of these phones seem to be a dream comes true for those who seek modestly updated phones at an economical price tag. The latest of the Asha series is a range of touch phones having the Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311. Of course there is nothing in this world that is perfect to 100%. Where there are a lot of nice features in the Asha series, and there are some downsides as well.

On the surface, these phones look perfect however there are some serious downsides of this range including some of the latest features and applications. The premier issue that you are going to face is that these phones are not responsive enough. First, the RAM in 305 and 306 is limited to 32MB and even with this RAM these phones are irritatingly slow. This also means that you should not expect a CPU in it either except in the Nokia Asha 311, which when coming to the price defeats the purpose of quality phones in a budget. Internal memory in the Asha touch series is a serious issue and after some time you will probably be relying on the external memory. Using the Nokia Asha interface can also be very frustrating over time. With all the capacitive touchscreen out there, Nokia should have played its cards in a little better way. The screen responsiveness is not that snappy as you would expect. Also the applications are firstly not that easy to install and when they are in there, the phone starts to slow down gradually while using them because of the operating system in it. A key feature that Asha 305 lacks is the Wi-Fi, which means that you are going to be stuck with GPRS for the internet. On the top of all, the screen quality is dreadful. 56K colors! Oh common!

Coming down to another range of Asha Phones we get to the Asha QWERTY series, including the Asha 302, Asha 303, Asha 201 and Asha 200. The looks are great; the styling is equally compelling however the software mars the entire elegance and market responsiveness it could have gained. Although Nokia has provided an updated software suit on their official website but users are going to face a lot of problems getting it on their cell phones. In addition, compared to the Nokia Asha all-touch series Asha 302 and 303 are costlier. Once you are done with the software updating, only then you are going to get the real feel of its hardware and software. Still, there are a lot of things that Nokia missed out in this Asha series. One common issue that its users face is in its connectivity, whether connecting to the internet or PC. The imaging could have been better if the camera didn�t have fixed focus. Then the biggest downside of this series is that it lacks multitasking which is a serious setback in these cellphones.

Another Asha series of Nokia revealed in the shape of touch and type mobiles. This series lists Asha 203, Asha 300 and Asha 202 as its premier models. The concept of blending the touch and type interfaces is not appreciated because it makes the usability a bit complicated. Then the series may a bit expensive to the mid-ranged mobile holders. The talk time of these mobiles is also less being 6 hours which also goes down as the battery wears out.

The Asha series of Nokia has missed out some important features which Nokia really needs to look at. Maybe in a haste to deliver low cost and high end phones within a short time, Nokia failed to realize what exactly the people expect from a leading and trend setting legend in the world of telecommunication.