Things To Consider Before Buying A Tablet PC


All tech-savvy folks, anywhere in the world, like to maintain their collection of gadgets: smartphones, notebooks and tablets, etc. If a tablet is next on your wish list, you should go through the following guidelines, as these will help you decide which one to purchase.

Here are some of the most important things to consider while buying a tablet PC.

Operating System:

As far as the operating system is concerned, you have three options: iOS, Android and Windows. Each one of these operating systems comes with its own app compatibility as well as cost. Apple’s devices are, of course, costlier than Android and Windows supporting computers. On the other hand, with Android, you will find a whole range of devices with varying costs. Therefore, you will certainly be able to find the one which fits within your allocated budget.

When the performance is taken into consideration, Microsoft Windows OS is the least likely choice of users for devices having touch controls. However, there is definitely one huge perk. A tablet computer with MS Windows comes out of the box with amazing flash support and incomparable software compatibility.

So, you need to keep the performance as well as the cost in your mind before setting your mind about the operating system.

Nature of Work:

The main purpose of purchasing a tablet plays a very important role in making the final decision. These gadgets are mainly designed for the purpose of entertainment. So, if you are interested into gaming, internet browsing, social networking and watching videos, a tablet will be the right choice for you.

However, a lack of keyboard indicates that these devices are not meant for serious work. You, definitely, need to re-evaluate your decision about purchasing a tablet computer, if you have to do your office work. A notebook would be a better option in that scenario.

Tablets would, nevertheless, prove to be very handy if you travel a lot. Checking emails and communicating with clients on Skype will really be helpful for your work when you are on the go. Therefore, these conveniently portable devices will serve you for both entertainment as well as work.

Size of the Tablet and Screen:

One of the most important factors to take into account before purchasing a tablet is its overall size and dimensions of the screen. It depends on how portable you want your tablet to be. On the other hand, your viewing experience depends on the size of the screen. Mostly, there are two sizes for tablet screen: seven inches and ten inches. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Tab houses a 7 inches screen while Apple’s iPad 2 has a 9.7 inches screen.

The size of a tablet determines how compact and bulky it is. If you cannot carry a large and heavy device, smaller ones would be appropriate for you. However, having a 10-inch screen will be much better for a good browsing and viewing experience. So, if you have room for this tablet in your bag or briefcase, do go for it.


Almost all tablet computers offer Wi-Fi connectivity. Some also provide 3G and 4G networking, for instance, iPad 2 and Motorola Zoom. Therefore, if you can afford, the latter make a better option. You can replace your smartphone with your tablet computer to have a gadget which serves you both the purposes. In this way, the burden will become lighter as you will only be carrying one device with you. In case you do not want to get rid of your phone, you will still be having a backup option in the form of your tablet.

Battery Life:

Tablet computers are all about portability. However, a short battery life would make you confined to a power outlet. So, before buying such a gadget, you need to check how much battery power it offers. The iPad 2 and Motorola Zoom both provide ten hours long battery life. Make a one-time investment and go for the gadgets with similar battery power.