Samsung Galaxy S III Rising Sales And Demand May Threaten Its Competitors

Samsung galaxy is once again determined to do what it has always been promising and delivering. Samsung galaxy has made strong footholds in the market, courtesy its remarkable and miraculous previous versions of successful and impressive predecessors.

The thrill that was caused when Samsung Galaxy S II was released is again expected with the release of Samsung Galaxy S III.

Most of the world’s top network facilitators are severely promoting Samsung Galaxy S III and receiving huge numbers of preorders that are ever recorded in the history. Not disclosing the exact figure, a representative of Vodafone revealed that they are receiving huge preorders which may easily break the record of 20 million unit sale of Samsung Galaxy S II.

The very first Samsung galaxy prototype was released in 2010. Apple was already established and had an advantage of three years of market exposure and a huge market share in smartphones industry. South Koreans introduced Samsung Galaxy series to compete with Apple's i-phone at a time when no other cell phone manufacturer had the guts to introduce something which could challenge i-phone.

The new Samsung Galaxy S III has awesome new features which are going to rock the market. It has got sensors which will follow the user's eye movement and decide when to dim or turn of the display light.

The phone is going to be released in most of the European and Middle Eastern states on this Tuesday. Many a potential buyers are anxiously waiting and dying to get their latest Samsung Galaxy S III.


Samsung Galaxy S III is threatening various other smartphones in the market or that are expected to be released in near future. There has always been a severe competition between HTC, Apple and Samsung for past some years now. HTC which has also grabbed fair bit of market share in the past is turning out to be the real competitor of Samsung as compared to Apple.

HTC one X model has a larger 4.7 inches display with some serious smartphone characteristics. Samsung Galaxy S III is going to muscle it down with great degree of force. Samsung galaxy S III has some astound specifications and a 4.8 inches display.

Nokia is another market player which is famous for its well researched cell phones. But when we talk about windows phones or smartphones of Samsung Galaxy S III caliber, Nokia is lagging behind somewhere. Nokia

recently has stepped in the arena. Its success is a big question mark in the presence of HTC, Apple and Samsung.

Apple is going to release its newer i-phone version in the third quarter of the running year. The release of Samsung Galaxy S III with wonderful features will surely put heavy pressures on Apple. Samsung is considering its new product through 296 different carriers in 145 different countries till July this year. Such a vast promotional campaign is unprecedentedly huge and unmatched. Samsungs mobile division profits have increased three times in the first quarter of this year and its shares have increased to 82% as compared to 58% rise in Apple's.