Comparison of Android Tablets with Other Companies Tablets

There is a tight competition between iPad, Play Book and android tablet. So, you may want to choose one. This competition gives users at least a few options to choose from, while earlier there were only iPads in the market. Google's operating system was a jackpot in the field of mobile phone technologies. More than 600k android phones are activated everyday but still most of the people are confused that what is android phone and android tablet. Android is just an operating system like Mac, Linux, and Windows.

After the successful launch of Android phones, Google introduced Android tablets. Android tablets are larger in size than android phones. Most of the android tablets are designed without keyboard. There is virtual keyboard and all operations are done through the touch screen. Android tablets are superb for watching media. Android tablets have high resolution screens which are just perfect for reading eBooks and surfing net. The most significant fact about android tablets is that they have become a business tool rather than just watching media and surfing media. People on the go can create presentations and do all the business works which required them carrying laptops. Businessmen people who are on run most of the time can create a presentation, make video calls and all the applications that run on Android Smartphone can also be run on android tablet.

Analysts believe that the way android OS and tablets are flourishing and becoming popular around the world, one day in near future, they will replace laptops. Some believe that the main reason behind android tablet’s success is their prices. Compared with Apple IPads and Blackberry’s Play Book they are fairly cheaper. The most expensive android tablet’s are in the range of $800 to $1000 while the cheap android tablet can be obtained for around $150.

The first android tablet was introduced in October 2008 after nine months of first android mobile phone introduction. There were a lot of speculations and rumors before it came in markets. It was manufactured by Samsung and was named Galaxy Tab. Galaxy Tab was a great success, after that many other companies who support android like Motorola and HTC manufactured android tablets.

Like other countries Pakistan is also influenced by android tablets. There are many tablets available in Pakistan now days. Samsung launched three android tablets in Pakistan with the help of Google. The latest tablet launched by Samsung and Mobilink in Pakistan is Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus. The price of this tablet in Pakistan is set to Rs 52000. After the successful launch of these tablets, Acer also come forward and launched its android tablet in Pakistan. The tablet launched by Acer is Iconia Tab A500. Pakistan mobile technology reached a landmark when they manufactured their own android tablet which was assembled in Pakistan. It was manufactured by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and was named PACPAD. Mobilink also provides its customers with android mobile phones a facility to purchase applications from Google Play using their mobile credit.