Microsoft Surface Tablet: Microsoft Stepped in Tablet Competion

Microsoft has announced a pair of surface tablets that has capability to align with the physical keyboard and powered by Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge chips and ARM chipset. After having a look on the features and specs, it can be said that these tablets will give a really tough competition to the Apple iPad. 2 tablets have different features one runs Windows 8 while other one runs Windows RT.

Stunning Outlook

Both devices are of 10.6 inches wide screen and have attachable & 3mm pressure sensitive magnetic cover that gives an option to type and a kickstand is also there. Windows 8 surface tablet has width of 13.5mm (.49 inches), 4.2mm thicker than Windows RT version and weighs 2lbs; less than 2 pounds. Microsoft claims that it is the first PC ever that has PVD magnesium case. The tablet has 3.5mm headphone jack, video out port and data connection port (USB).

Windows RT is a surface tablet that has Nvidia CPU from Tegra family and runs Windows RT. Windows RT is the low power version of the Windows 8, which indicates that it is less powerful than Windows 8 tablet. Its weight is 1.5 pound and has thickness of 9.3 mm. Windows RT has HD display while Windows 8 has Full HD that shows outstanding color spectrum and fine graphics.


Two options will be available in Windows 8 version for customers whether to go for 64 GB of memory or 128 GB and it also has external storage support while the basic version has storage capacity of 32 GB or 64 GB.

Connectivity and Battery Timing

To provide better connectivity option both tablets support Wi-Fi 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b. There is a difference of battery power between two tablets; one is powered by battery with the capacity of 31.5 Wh (windows 8) and the battery of other has capacity of 42 Wh (Windows RT).


Company officials have not said anything about the price of the tablets or about the releasing / launch date. But it can be said that the price of both tablets will be high because of value added features and unique specifications.

It is being said that it is the most risky investment of the Microsoft Corporation because the market is already having awesome product with super performance. Windows 8 is first time designed for tablets and other devices like mobile devices with touch screen. The operating system is the hope of the company to be successful, as Windows 8 is very efficient but the competitors are also very strong. 3 million Apple iPads were sold in only first three days of launch, so it is going to be a tough but interesting competition.