How Much Does a Mobile Phone Cost to The User in USA, UK or Canada

So, you are going abroad and while sorting out your budget for bearing living expenses there, you just wondered how much it will cost you to use a mobile phone there. Even if this is not the case, you should still know about the mobile expenses so that you can manage your monthly mobile budget without any stress. But comparing the mobile cost is not always easy since there are many aspects to consider like cost of device, service contract, call and data transfer plus many other things.

Coming back to your visit to abroad, say UK there will be two options in front of you that whether to use current service there or use the home network of the destination. However, for first option, you will have to see the current mobile network working at destination and if they say yes, they will charge you for roaming. In most of cases, it has turned out to be not working. Therefore, at the end of the day it is always worth knowing that how much does your mobile cost.

In most of abroad countries like USA, UK, Canada or UAE the network service providers offer free mobile devices while signing a service contract. However if you choose a more extensive handset, the cost of mobile phone will also start appearing in the contract from anywhere in between $20.00 and $500 or more. Often mobile users consider this purchase as the only cost they will have to pay, however this is not the case. For choosing a plan, it makes sense to sign a minimum service contract, which will be 2-years plan at least. However, for any reason if you choose to end the contract, an unduly high fee will be charged. Each network operator provides its own data transfer and airtime plans. Some providers have a single package that covers data transfer, talk time and texting while others have specific plans for making calls only. Regardless of what provider you choose, you will be at least paying a cost $80 per month being a user of mobile operator. And this cost is all exclusive of taxes and surcharges.

For AT&T and Verizon data transfer charges are imposed on top of your monthly mobile bill. Both offer their users with unlimited data transfer plans where AT&T offers pay per usage option in addition to unlimited data plan. Verizon will end their pay per usage plan by the end of this year. So these data transfer plans add another cost of between $15 and $80 to your monthly mobile bill. This means that the upper total you can maximum expect will be $580 per month ($500 for contact and device, $80 for data transfer plan). So make sure you are the person who always needs to be stay connected online. For some users this is an extra mobile cost they unconsciously pay for what they hardly use. Finally paying an extra cost of this kind just for the sake of updating your Facebook status might not be worth it.