Get On With This Pre-Release of Apple iPhone 5 Review

There are only a few mobiles that have received impressively positive reviews even before they were launched and iPhone 5 is one of them. There is not a single iPhone 5 review that would call it to be a lousy device. Apple has made some of the most ravishing gadgets that can be stated as nothing less than state of the art and this is what we are expecting when we get the iPhone 5 announcement. The hype that has been created about this phone clearly shows that there are millions of people waiting for the final becoming of this phone and to see what the people in Apple can do when its father, Steve Jobs is no more there to run the day to day business of the company.

From the iPhone 5 news that has come ashore until now, it cannot be wrong to say that this certainly is going to be a state of the art phone. According to some of the iPhone 5 leak details, this smartphone is certainly smarter when it comes to looks and performance. Taking looks at first, there is certainly no way that the new iPhone is going to be a slide opening QWERTY phone or translucent type phone. On the other hand, there are a lot of expectations that the new iPhone 5 is going to be designed on the traditional iPhone body design.

Another thing that every pre-release iPhone 5 review is discussing about it is the dimensions of this phone. Because iPhone comes with an irreplaceable battery, so we can expect that it is certainly going to be much slimmer in thickness compared to the previous models of iPhone. The body of iPhone 5 is also wider and a little taller to accommodate a more brilliant and bigger touch screen.

Having a close look at iPhone 5 leaked photos and specifications; there are a lot of expectations from its performance. Comparing iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5 and the previous models of iPhone, it can be said for sure that the new Apple product is having a beefed up processor that would make it perform flash fast. There is news about iPhone 5 that it is coming with a superbly powered up processor that is going to take the user experience to a completely new level. Same goes for the operating system, which is definitely expected to give a super smooth and touch responsive user interface to the user beyond any experience in the past.

According to some of the popular iPhone 5 rumors about the camera, with 8MP and 13MP camera that is used and launched by Samsung in its Smart Phones, iPhone 5 is expected to unveil with 8MP and 10.3MP cameras. No matter what the pixel size, like the previous cameras in the iPhones, we are sure that the camera is going to deliver super sharp images, with extraordinary color richness even at high picture resolutions. In addition, the rumored features of the camera including face and smile detection, Geo tagging and image stabilization technology ensures that you get the best images and an imaging experience beyond your expectations.

An iPhone 5 rumor also updated the news that this phone will have some sort of liquid-proof coating. This will make sure that your phone is still safe and works perfectly even if it fell in water or any other liquid. There were some details about this phone having H2O coating to resist water, however according to the latest iPhone 5 news, though still un unofficial, this new phone will be launched with the standard Liquipel Waterproof coating to take the protection of your much loved phone to a new level.

There are a lot of iPhone rumors about the screen size. Having an iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 look, we can easily see that the last make of apple, the 4S came with a 3.5-inch scratch resistant screen size. With almost all the latest smartphone from Samsung, LG and Nokia coming in screen sizes ranging between 4 and 4.8 inches, we hear nothing less than in the apple iPhone 5 news. The screen size, according to one iPhone 5 review stands at 4-inches and 4.5-inches according to another one. What iPhone 5 is certain to deliver is an approximate of 4-inch TFT high resolution touch screen supporting multi touch user interface and scratch proofed coating to control glare and deliver smooth user experience.

Many iPhone rumors are in the air about what communication technology this phone is expected with. There are three exceptionally good things about this phone and the first one is its support for high speed communication on 3G and 4G data transmissions technologies. Taking up with the tradition of Wi-Fi Bluetooth and USB connectivity, along with the fast and reliable data transmission, the iPhone 5 would be able to deliver smooth and reliable connectivity round the clock even at the remotest place. There are certainly many iPhone 5 blog posts telling people about this phone is having the 5G communication technology in it, however this is far away from reality.

Like all the previous models of iPhone, the latest gadget will deliver smooth voice and data transmission with reliability. Even when you are on the move, you would be able to get smooth internet connectivity if you are in Wi-Fi range and there is no compromise on voice transmission.

Of course, no iPhone 5 review could be complete without the fun features in this phone. One cannot expect an iPhone to be a simple communication device. One iPhone 5 rumors had the details of this phone having a card slot in it, which would be definitely a positive step in a new dimension. However more expectations are of this phone having varied memory sizes ranging from 16GB to 64GB. Then don't expect nothing less than perfection from its multimedia player supporting a wide range of media types. J ava support SNS integration are of course an integral part of the latest smart phones. Overall, this device spells perfect to be short.