Do You Prefer A Smartphone Over A Camera to Shot Pictures?

Do You Prefer A Smartphone Over A Camera to Shot Pictures?

The revolution in the world of digital photography is going side by side with the constantly evolving smartphones. The 13 megapixels camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 and the UltraPixel technology introduced by HTC are classic examples of how smartphones are now bringing the best photography equipment to you. However, this does not mean that point-and-shoot cameras have become outdated. Choosing between a smartphone camera and a compact digital camera is actually a choice between portability and quality. The pictures taken by a point-and-shoot camera are undoubtedly better.

There are a few features which help you judge the quality of a particular camera:

  • Sensor
  • Lens
  • Digital Zoom

A large sensor ensures that a large amount of light falls on the object being shot, thereby making your pictures bright as well as clear. The camera at the back of your smartphone has a much smaller sensor than a point-and-shoot camera. This means even the 13 megapixel camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 will not give you the same results which a digital camera with the same resolution, or even lower, will bring you. HTC’s UltraPixel technology is promising the same results with improved sensors letting more light illuminate your shots. However, it will take a while before this technology becomes common. Once it does, only the time will tell whether the UltraPixel cameras of smartphones take over compact digital cameras or still lag behind them.

Just like the sensor, the lens of a camera also needs to be large for better quality snaps. Unfortunately, smartphone cameras have very small lenses which often result in distorted and blurred images. On the other hand, point-and-shoot cameras achieve more clarity and reproduce colors almost perfectly with the help of their larger lenses.

Lastly, the feature of digital zoom enables you capture far off objects as clearly as if they were very near to you. You must have noticed how your pictures become blurred and pixilated when you zoom in with your smartphone. Capturing far off objects and scenes clearly, therefore, remains a dream with these gadgets no matter what number of megapixels they offer. Point-and-shoot cameras have a better digital zoom to let you shoot any distant object without distorting the image.

One reason why smartphones might be preferred by you is the editing software they come with. You can improve your photos and add interesting effects to them on the go. However, the latest point-and-shoot cameras now offer inbuilt photo editors so that you can fix and polish your pictures immediately after you take them. With time, these editing applications will become more sophisticated, giving you more reasons to prefer your compact digital camera instead.

Smartphones do have an advantage over point-and-shoot camera as they let you capture any moment no matter wherever you are. You do not always have the latter with you. However, even relying on smartphone cameras is not wise as the battery can run out in the middle of an occasion. All the other functions you put your smartphone through – calling, messaging, web browsing, games and using other apps – keep consuming battery all the daylong. However, a point-and-shoot camera is devoted to taking pictures only. Therefore, it can always be relied upon for capturing important events.

Finding out all these differences between the two photography options, what would you prefer now? Surely, you would like to preserve you memories in the form of better quality pictures. Therefore, investing in a point-and-shoot camera will be a wise decision even if you possess one of the most advanced smartphones. On the other hand, if you already have a compact digital camera locked away in your cupboard since the time you bought your new smartphone, you better start using it again for better digital photography.