Apple Makes a Strong Comeback with iPad Mini

As the sales of Apple iPhone 5 could not meet the expectations of the company. Apple the most trusted brand in the world was ready for a backup plan. In the press conference of 23rd October, Apple has announced its brand new version of iPad namely, Apple iPad mini. It is a smaller in size iPad with up-to-date functions of a full sized iPad.

Apple iPad Mini has been introduced to compete the smaller sized tablet PC’s like Samsung Galaxy Note and Google’s Nexus 7. Samsung’s popularity is irksome for the Apple especially after the success of its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple is also keeping a keen eye on the growing partnership between Google and Samsung (two of its main rivals in the market). Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire is also gaining some good market shares. With the holiday season coming fast, Apple is in no mood to let things out of its domain without a tough fight. To maintain its superiority in the market, iPad Mini is sure to bring a lot of Apple fans back to where they belong.

The customers can choose iPad Mini Wi-Fi or iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. These two versions have some major differences. 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity support has been taken away from iPad Mini Wi-Fi only whereas the other version has all of these features. Through iPad Mini Cellular, we can make a call just like any other smart phone so this version of iPad has dual functionalities; a powerful gadget with the functions of a Tablet and a powerful smart phone with the functions of making calls and sending text messages. All other built-in Apps of iPad have also been included in Mini.

The price of Apple iPad Mini is a bit higher than its competitors’ products. As Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus being available in just $ 199 in the international markets and Rs. 19000 to 20000, iPad Mini has a bigger price tag starting from $ 329 (32,500 Rs.). This is may reduce its demand in the market but Apple is confident in getting higher sales as Apple’s products are known for their reliable quality.