Apple iPhone 5 Review of Expectations and Outcomes

After all the commotion for more than 8 months, Apple iPhone 5 is finally there. This phone was so much hyped for that the sales of iPhone 4S went way down to the extent that it is believed that the guys at Apple freaked out and hasted its latest “close to hallmark” phone. Having a scan over the internet, there are millions of blogs and web pages out there just trying their level best to come up with a guess that how this phone would look like and when finally would it be in the market.

One popular tech blog suggested that this phone would probably come up with an entire new face and design which is going to take you breath away. It didn’t happen to that much but for some, it is really a dream come true. Now, compared to what most of the other smartphones from Nokia, Samsung, Sony and HTC are coming with, this phone is really a heart break. The way Apple sued Samsung for theft and won the case, it was believed that this time Apple is going to revolutionize the entire way smartphones worked. This also didn’t happen. Most of the design and the way Apple iPhones worked, remains the same.

First of all, there is a minor design change from the previous model. A few tweaks here and there on the phone but nothing unexpected that could stun. It has thinner body and a bigger screen as expected, the entire body is made from plastic and glass, which also makes it lighter than the Apple iPhone 4S. However, like many were expecting that maybe Apple iPhone 5 would have a bigger screen size or maybe transparent body with liquid and dust proofing coating, this didn’t happen as well. Maybe Apple was not competing with other state of the art phones after all thinking of walking its own way.

However, this phone isn’t that bad at all. The screen maybe smaller compared to other phones like Samsung S III and HTC One X, but compared to the previous iPhone, it is quite impressive given the 640×1136 pixels on a 4-inch screen. The touch sensitivity is impressive and you’ll love the way it smoothly switches between screen modes and ultimate responsiveness. It feels like waving your fingers in water. The video output and the image quality in Apple iPhone 5 are also quite amazing.

Not only is that, as apple claims, the lens quality in this phone is really cool. From the unedited images that were released by apple saying that the images are from its 8MP camera give the real life like feel. The quality even at high resolution is cool, with not even a single unimposing pixel. The audio quality, video recording, the multimedia features and everything else about Apple iPhone 5 is just plain lovely.

One way Apple iPhone 5 beats the hell out of other phones and makes sure no previous version stands up to its connectivity. However, it only supports nano-sims (a big downside of this phone), but the support for a wide range of networks and connectivity is exactly what people were expecting. Then the audio transfer quality, the data download speeds, internet connectivity and browsing is a dream come true. Not only it delivers everything at staggering speeds but with amazing results and reliability.

Apple iPhone 5 comes with an A6 processor which gives high processing speeds, fetching and delivering to user’s commands quite smoothly and its iOS 6 operating system ensures that you get the best results and best responsiveness.

However, with some other top of the line phones already out there with better screen sizes, glossier camera results, beefier processors and support for a whole lot of apps, Apple iPhone 5 is up for a big challenge as there are many better options out there with lower cost. It is clearly evident that with Steve Jobs gone, Apple is going to have some serious issues performing up to the expectations.