Android Education Applications for Learning

It's not all about playing games on smart phones; the innovations in Smartphones have opened new world of learning for users too. Here is the list of Android education apps which may enhance your learning skills.


There are many third party versions of Wikipedia in the android market but the official version was released recently by Wikipedia. Within in a few months of its launch it become the top downloaded application.

Wikipedia android is a great aid for learning as it can present the text in 280 languages hence making it a place of learning for everyone. The voice recognition function in Wikipedia allows smooth searching for user moreover you can also save the entire page to read it later in offline mode. It is a user friendly version to make learning easier. Wikipedia android application also has a map which automatically detects your current location and lists the article related to your location. It is a free application to download.

Collins English Dictionary

While reading articles on Wikipedia Android mobile application or while sitting in class you come across an unknown English word and you do not know its meaning or pronunciation. Collins English Dictionary is particularly designed for this purpose to give you extra confidence as you go. It is the best pocket dictionary out there.

Collin English dictionary is paid application. Its cost is £18.59. There is a free version of Collin English dictionary as well but it is in American English and it also doesn’t give as much comprehensive meaning as paid version.


The official NASA App is perhaps the best application available for learning on Google Play. It brings the information about all the NASA missions, their current status and milestones. NASA App also provides a link to the official YouTube channel of NASA where users can watch videos of discoveries of NASA. The photo gallery in NASA App contains the exclusive moon and space photos. There is also complete detail of the missions carried out by NASA, their research in the missions with a complete photo gallery and its report.

NASA App is a free application and is ads free as well so users can use it with out an hassle.

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is absolutely amazing and among the very best and most downloaded applications on Google Play. It allows user to move his phone around, above his head in a circular motion or just move it out from the window towards the sky. Your phone will act as windows to the stars it will capture the stars and will show you on your mobile screen in exactly same order as they appear in the sky but obviously more clear than they appear in the sky. If you are confused about what you see on your mobile screen or curious what star it is then all you need to do is just to click on that part and this magnificent application will tell you details about it. There are also filters for searching in case your screen is crowded with too many objects. The best thing about this application is that it is free and it doesn’t require data connections either.